On a personal level Social Media is about a lot of things. It’s about connecting with new friends and with old friends. It’s also about knowing what is happening in your community and about networking.  For some, even, it’s all about stalking – let’s be real. Since the conception of the social web, these and hundreds of other reasons have brought people to services like Facebook and Twitter. On a commercial level however social media is really just about two things: Creating and broadcasting that value.


Having something to tell someone who cares is the most important piece of the pie. If you feel like you don’t have something interesting to say to your followers, then you should either find new followers or find something to say. Creating value can only happen through taking inventory of what you have that people like and creating something out of those ingredients. First, create value to broadcast. Then, broadcast.


Now this is the easy part. The way the web works – if you use it right and get lucky – it will spread your message for you. You both have to create the right message with value that’s worth spreading; as well as purchase the right ads that will exponentially deepen your reach into your target demographic.

Of course, there is a lot more to be said about Social Media on a commercial level, but I did say “skinny”! Thanks for stopping by!